Who We Are

Mission Statement

Newburgh Christian Academy exists to provide Bible-based, quality education in small class settings.

Vision Statement
Students from Newburgh Christian Academy will exhibit the qualities of Christ-like character which includes being a person who excels in every part of life, even after leaving NCA.

Expected Student Outcomes
As students complete their experience at NCA, it is expected they will know what their purpose in life is, specifically their calling from God, and that they will be fully prepared and equipped to accomplish that calling.

Statement of Purpose
NCA exists to provide excellent academic education which will prepare each individual student to fulfill his/her God-given calling.
1. To provide an excellent academic program that surpasses the state recommended program.
2. To prepare each individual student to fulfill his/her God-given calling in life.
3. To make each student aware of how special he/she is by teaching creation from a literal point of view.
4. To provide a systematic program to memorize Scripture which is included in daily Bible classes.
5. To teach a Biblical worldview.
6. To present the gospel to any student who does not have a personal relationship with Christ.
7. To provide a wide variety of opportunities in art, music, drama, mission trips, and physical activities so as to become a well-rounded individual