We recognize we are all interconnected within our school community, woven together through Christ. We each have the potential to make a difference and to grow in love as a part of something bigger than ourselves that has meaning, value and endless grace.

Throughout our history, this present day, and leading into the future of the school, we are reminded of God’s
faithfulness daily when we pray as one body and step forward in trust.

Prayer permeates our school community: our staff prays for each student by name throughout the year, students pray daily
during morning opening and in their classrooms, parents gather on a weekly basis to pray for their children and our school,
administration and board members are committed to praying for our school community.

Prayer appears on nearly every page of the Bible as the very essence of a faith relationship with the living God. Our prayers bring us into God’s presence (Psalm 145:18), gives us wisdom (James 1:5), and has great power and wonderful results (James 5:16). God honors persistence in prayer (Matthew 7:7) and extols us to join together with one voice (Romans 15:6).