Newburgh Christian Academy uses the Abeka Kindergarten curriculum.
Integrated into the day is lots of love, laughter, singing, and hands-on action.
Students will develop early word-analysis, comprehension skills with phonics instruction, and the use of basic phonics readers. Supplementary readers build upon strong foundations and encourage reading for pleasure.
Student will receive an intensive PHONICS-FIRST approach to reading. Any child can learn to read successfully with an intensive phonics-first approach that teaches children the steps to reading.
Students will experience concept development and problem solving as well as computational skills. We will incorporate a prominent use of manipulatives to incorporate hands-on instruction.  Students will cover number concepts and formation through one-hundred, simple addition and subtraction combinations, the ability to tell time, work with money, number sequences and words, and much more.
Writing is presented in a step-by-step approach to good penmanship that emphasizes neatness and correct letter formation through daily practice. Phonics applications built right into the writing exercises will improve spelling skills.

Students learn about God and His Son through selected Old Testament and New Testament Stories. Holiday Stories will teach the events surrounding the first Thanksgiving, the birth of Christ, and the resurrection. Students will memorize Bible verses and passages throughout the year.