New Enrollment Form                          Re-enrollment Form

Admissions to Newburgh Christian Academyis obtained by written/electronic application and personal interview. NCS is not currently equipped to enroll students who have severe behavioral problems. Admission is open to students of good character without reference to race, nationality or color, and provided that the family is in agreement with the child’s instruction under the Statement of Faith of the school and with the handbook.

Enrollment takes place after your child has been accepted. Payment of the registration fee will hold a place for your child until August 1st. Book fees will be due on July 1, and on August 1st  the first tuition payment plan will be due.

Submit an  Application For New Student Enrollment to the office with the $125.00 non-refundable enrollment fee. This fee is per student.

There will be an interview with all Jr. High and High School students and their parents, and administrator. If the student is denied enrollment by NCA for any reason, we will refund the $125.00 fee.

At the time of enrollment, the parent will need to submit to the office the following items:
1. Photocopy of birth certificate
2. Record of vaccination and/or medical form complete
3. Signed request for record
4. Signed Parent’s Commitment form
5. Enrollment form completed


Early re-enrollment is necessary for those parents who wish to be assured of a space in class for the following year.
Re-enrollment may be complete online or written forms submitted to the school office. The re-enrollment fee must accompany the re-enrollment form. This fee is nonrefundable.

Submit a Student Re-enrollment Form to the office with $100.00 fee per student if submitted before May 1st. After May 1st, the fee will be $125.00 per student. NCA reserves the right to deny re-enrollment to any student. The re-enrollment fee will be refunded if the re-enrollment is denied by NCS.